Youth Programs

Youth Bible Class

The Waterbury Church sees the importance in the spiritual education of our young people. We offer different classes to all age groups in order to facilitate the learning process. Several of members volunteered their times to teach our kids on Wednesday night (7:00 P.M.) and Sunday morning (9:30). We have great and interesting materials to assist our teachers in their endeavors.

The Education Program for the teenagers is very rich, up-to-date, uplifting and spiritually-focused. We have a nice classroom with modern technology to keep the learning process very innovative and engaging. Come Join us, you will enjoy it.

Youth & Family Devotionals

We believe that our classroom setting shouldn’t be the only source of spiritual education. The home is an important asset in our ministry here at the Waterbury Church, which is why our group meets once a month at different parents’ houses to have a youth and family devotional. Also this program encourages parents’ collaboration in our ministry. During that time, we will share a meal together, sing, pray, fellowship, and encourage one another.


Every year we travel to Gatlinburg, TN for an entire weekend to take part of this wonderful youth conference that attracts young people from all over the nation. Our youth group is always anticipating Winterfest. Check out their Website for more information:

Youth Rally

Every year there are a few youth rallies in the New England area, and we offer one of them. Youth rallies are fun and very spiritually-focused. Usually it takes place over a weekend where several youth groups from different congregations get together to enjoy a wonderful fellowship and encourage one another

Tidal River Christian Camp (TRCC)

We also participate at Tidal River Christian Camp, which takes place every year during the month of July. Several young people from all over New England are associated with this Camp. At TRCC, our young people get to be surrounded and encouraged by many other young Christians in a fun, spiritual and excluded environment with very little worldly distractions. For more information you can visit TRCC’s website:

This is a photo of one of our teens being baptized at camp. TRCC has always been a great experience for our Church and we always look forward to it every year.


We commissioned to spread the Gospel all over the world. The Waterbury Church of Christ is involved with several mission efforts, local and international (Torrington, CT, Guatemala, Albania, and Haiti).

Two years ago, our youth group had a mission trip to Antigua where we worked with a local congregation. This year, we are planning on going to Haiti in August; there is more information available regarding this upcoming trip on the website.

Food Program in Haiti Working in Antigua