Worship with us online today (April 19, 2020)

Join us for a celebration of our Lord as we worship him with song, prayer, communion, teaching, and giving. These are things we are told to do each week and even though we can’t be together in the church building, we can be together in our worship.

If you have a prayer request, you can send those in live during the worship service. Send an email to bulletin@waterburychurch.org or you can send a text message to 203.936.7269

Couple easy ways to join our online service starting at 10:30am…

Church Web Site: We’ll have the service streaming online right from the front page of our website at https://www.waterburychurch.org.

Youtube Live: You can also catch our service on Youtube Live, and the link for that channel is https://www.youtube.com/c/waterburychurchofchrist

Giving: Our electronic giving site is available at the church website, go to www.waterburychurch.org/giving to send in your contribution while we’re not together.

Please continue to pray for our community and for our church family to stay strong as we fight this virus.

The Human Touch

In what is famously known as the sermon on the mount (Matthew 5 – 7), Jesus acknowledged that He did not come to destroy the law but to fulfill it (Matthew 5: 17 – 18). In the narrative that followed directly after this sermon, Jesus seemed to ignore Old Testament Purity Laws (Leviticus 12 – 15) by touching and healing a leper (Matthew 8: 1 – 3). Also, Jesus did not go into quarantine nor did He undergo any purification rites after touching this man. However, once the leper was healed, Jesus instructed him not to say a word to anyone but to go and show himself to the priest with the required sacrifice (Matthew 8: 4).

There are many times in scripture where Jesus touched the untouchable. Many times in scripture, there were those who were expected to distance themselves from the rest of society (the 10 lepers, the woman with the flow of blood, the sinful woman), but Jesus allowed them to come near him and touch him. Jesus spent time with people, He visited them, He ate with them in their own home, He cried with them and shared their pain: Jesus was able to touch and connect with people on a personal level. There is power in human touch, human connection, and human proximity; the lack thereof can be detrimental to our overall health and humanity. Life was designed to live together. Unfortunately, with COVID-19 becoming more fatal and a lack of vaccine, all health experts and world leaders are mandating social distancing in order to mitigate the spread and keep people safe. It is important that we carefully listen to these experts and actively contribute to the fight against this pandemic.

However, I believe we still need each other, more than ever. We still need human connections and conversations in order to thrive and maintain our humanity. When this fight is over, and it will be over, things will take time to get back to normal but “We can do all things through Jesus Christ who gives us strength” (Phil 4: 13). Although we may not be able to be in close proximity to enjoy the benefits of the human touch, a firm handshake, the comforting beauty of a smile, and the warmth of a hug, we can still rejoice and be grateful for the many technological platforms we have at our disposal to help maintain our fellowship, worship, and connection. No matter how far apart we are from each other, let us not lose that human touch, which is the quality of being friendly, personable, and kind towards each other.

“Dear friend, I hope all is well with you and that you are as healthy in body as you are strong in spirit.Some of the traveling teachersrecently returned and made me very happy by telling me about your faithfulness and that you are living according to the truth. I could have no greater joy than to hear that you are following the truth.” (3 John 1: 2 – 4, NLT).

God bless,
Donny Pierre

Virtual Q&A Night

Join us this Friday night (4/17) at 7pm for a virtual Q&A Night.

Instructions to join the Zoom are in the email entitled Q&A Night this Friday Night Online.

Join us this Friday night at 7:00 pm for another Q&A with Donny Pierre. Disciples of Christ know that the Holy Scriptures provide encouragement, endurance, and hope (Rom 15: 4). We have been spending a lot of time in scriptures lately looking for strength and peace to weather this storm (COVID-19). Sometimes, in our Bible studies and meditation, we may end up having more questions to wrestle with. These questions can help strengthen our faith, as we continue to look for answers together from the Bible, the authoritative word of God.
Please, submit your questions ahead of time to donaquerez@gmail.com, and join us on Friday night at 7:00 pm for some dynamic biblical conversation and fellowship.God bless you and see you all on Friday night, Lord willing.
Donny Pierre 

Questions already submitted

Could this pandemic be a sign of the end of the world?

Is COVID-19 God’s judgment on the wickedness of the world?

When Jesus asked his disciples to follow Him, did they know who Jesus was at that time? Was there something about Christ that made them willing to give up their life to follow Him?

New Sister in Christ!

Brailey Williams of New Britain, CT obeyed the gospel on Easter Sunday and was baptized.

Thank you to the church leadership for figuring out a way to have this happen in accordance to state requirements and CDC guidelines.  Praise God for Brailey’s decision and virtually welcome our new sister in Christ. 

If you would like Brailey’s email to congratulate her, send an email to bulletin@waterburychurch.org and we will send it to you.

Adult Classes Online This Week, April 15th and 16th

See your Weekly Update for April 12th, 2020 email for the link to join the Zoom as well as instructions for how to join by phone only.

Men’s Class – Muscle and a Shovel

Wednesday at 7pm

Women’s Class – The Daughters of Sarah (Rose Pierre)

Thursday at 7pm

For the Kids

Saturday at 10am

Small Group Meetings

If there are any other small groups within the church who want to use Zoom to hold a meeting, it’s pretty easy to do and we have folks who can help you set it up and run it.  Email bulletin@waterburychurch.org if you are interested.

Youth Updates: Family Time and Kids Classes

Starting tonight, 4/7, we’d like to invite our Youth to be a part of the online church community events going on while we are not able to get together in person.

Teens Hangout – Tuesday Evening:  7pm

  • For our young people and their friends, 13 and up
  • Donny Pierre will lead that group
  • The group will meet on Zoom every Tuesday night 7:00 pm
  • The purpose of this group:
    • For our Church Youth Group and their friends to stay connected
    • To pray together and encourage one another
    • To provide a platform where we can support each other mentally during this time of isolation

A Family Affair – Saturday Morning: 10am

  • This group is for parents and kids 12 and under
  • Parents will rotate leading this group weekly
  • Each family will have access to our Rightnowmedia.com platform
  • Everyone will meet on Zoom every Saturday morning 10:00 AM
  • The Purpose of this group
    • To keep our families connected
    • To share ideas about how to keep our children active, encouraged and spiritually fed
    • To provide a platform where parents can support each other, pray and worship together

To Join the Meeting, please check your email for the Youth and Families update, or email bulletin@waterburychurch.org for the link.

Walking Through the Valley: Psalm 23

It was the beginning of fall last year, on a beautiful sunny Saturday, my wife and I invited our best friends to go hiking with us. We drove to Hamden and parked right across from Quinnipiac University, and we went on a hike up “Sleeping Giant State Park.” The road up the mountain is a little rugged but it’s not that hard of a hike, and having companions along the way to converse with certainly made it easier to bear. On the mountaintop there is a castle, I believe, and anyone can make their way to the roof of that ancient structure in order to explore. Sitting on the roof of that edifice on the mountaintop was quiet an experience, because the air is crisp, the view is indescribable, and the breeze feels like a reward for making it up there. Being on the mountaintop, I just wanted to stay up there for as long as possible, not only to enjoy the infinite beauty of God’s creation but also to escape for a brief moment the reality that awaits in the valley below.
            We all have had mountaintop experiences in our lives, and we also understand the opposite is true and inevitable: walking through the valleys of life. Mountaintop experiences are moments in life when we can clearly grasp God’s power and blessings in our lives. From a biblical perspective, a mountaintop experience can be transcendent because it is outside of the realm of what the human mind can comprehend. Elijah had a mountaintop experience with God on Mount Carmel (1 Kings 18. 19), where he experienced the very power of God who gave him the victory over his enemies. Moses had a mountaintop experience on Mount Sinai (Exodus 19, 31, 32), where he experienced the very presence of God. Also, let us not forget Jesus’ mountaintop experience with his disciples Peter, James, and John (Mark 9), where the Son of God experienced what we now know as “The Transfiguration.” It was such a beautiful and transcendent moment that Peter said “It is good for us to be up here,” and he wanted to put up a few shelters and stay up there on the mountaintop with Jesus, Moses, and Elijah. Like Peter, we all wish mountaintops were more permanent. Also, just like Peter, Moses, and Elijah, we cannot escape the difficult reality and challenges of life that await us all in the valley below. When Elijah got down in the valley, he had to deal with death threats from Jezebel. Moses had to deal with a sinful and ungrateful people whom God had just led out of Egypt. Jesus had to go back to work healing folks and facing the reality of this death.
            Maybe mountaintop experiences are meant to prepare us for the valleys below. We all have experienced God’s hands and blessings in our lives, and currently we are all going through this valley of virus together. It is easy to profess our faith on the mountaintop when things are lean and great, but now that we are going through this dark valley together our faith is being tested. Can we boldly proclaim together “Though I walk through the valley of death, I will fear no evil: for you are with me” (Ps 23: 4). If I may, let me rephrase this verse: “Though we walk through the valley of COVID-19, we will fear no evil; for God is with us.” Beloved, currently our faith is being put through the test in order to prove how genuine it is, because only walking through the valleys of life can our faith be truly tested (1 Peter 1: 6 – 7) . Remember, the God of the mountaintop is the same God down in the valley (1 Kings 20: 23 – 28). The same reason we know we were safe and secure on the mountaintop ought to be the same reason we are safe and secure walking through this valley of virus today: God is with us, always.

Grace, Peace, and Love
Donny Pierre