Several weeks ago, I started reading and studying the book of Esther, and I could not help but appreciate how courageous Vashti, Hadassah and Mordecai were in the face of life-threatening danger. Vashti was willing to stand up for herself, knowing there would be some consequences for defying the king’s command – she lost the crown. Mordecai was willing to stand up to Haman knowing he could have gotten killed. Esther was willing to speak up for her people, knowing she could be put to death for going to the King unsummoned.
           Several times in the Bible, God encourages His people “To be of good Courage” (Num 13:20, Deut 31: 6 – 23, Josh 1: 6-18, 2 Chr 15: 18, Psalm 27:14, 31:24). A disciple of Christ draws his/her strength and courage from his/her relationship with God – it is about trusting God to act on your favor regardless of the uncertainties or challenges we face. One of my favorite verses among those mentioned above is Psalm 31:24, “Wait on the Lord: be of good courage, and he shall strengthen your heart. Wait, I say, on the Lord.” Courage is not always about facing challenges and troubles head on; sometimes, being courageous is about waiting on God to act on your favor. It takes courage to patiently wait on God and not take matters into our own hands, like Abraham and Sarah. Sometimes, it is about God giving you the strength and comfort to accept what may be unacceptable. When Jesus was in the Garden of Gethsemane praying before his crucifixion, the Bible says he was “sorrowful and troubled.” Jesus was asking God to intervene and remove this cup of suffering (the crucifixion) away from him (Matt 26:39, Luke 22:42). However, he was courageous enough to go through with it. It is my prayer that God will continue to bless you, strengthen you and give you the courage you need to keep on walking this Christian walk, no matter how difficult it may get at times.

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