Christmas in July…remembering a dear friend

You may be thinking “who’s even thinking about Christmas in times like these?!” For most, focus is on the unusual times we are living in that carries pressures, worries, and tensions we deal with to one degree or another. And, it’s summer with high temps and sun rays. So Christmas? What gives??

An expression of love is being shown to the Waterbury Church of Christ through the Dominguez-Porrini family.

As a way to keep living out Jeannette Porrini’s joyful and generous spirit, her surviving family is dedicating the month of July to raise donations that will go toward the church’s Annual Gingerbread Event and other ministries in this church.

Jeannette was a beloved member of the Waterbury church and often remembered by her warm smile, laughter, and caring ways. Jeannette really enjoyed the Gingerbread Event. Her family is grateful for the laughter it brought out then and still today as they recount a bit of shock after she participated the first time: “They had power tools and lights there!!” is a memorable quote Jeannette exclaimed with laughter.

It’s with these fond memories and the family’s desire to spread love in the community that we have Christmas in July. Despite July being a bittersweet month (marking both her birthday and her transition to God after a 9 year battle with cancer) the family is feeling blessed to come together to bring good and also to be strengthened as a result.

Donations that exceed the costs of our yearly event will be used to bring some comfort to families impacted by cancer.

Anyone can give a donation by clicking here and selecting Gingerbread Party or feel free to mail non-cash donations to the church at:

Gingerbread Party c/o
Waterbury Church of Christ
3211 North Main Street
Waterbury, CT 06704

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