Don’t Be Afraid, I am Here

In Matthew 14: 22 – 33, we read the story of Jesus’s disciples travelling on a boat by themselves while Jesus was spending time alone on a mountain praying. Eventually, they found themselves in a middle of storm being tossed around by the wind and the waves, and Jesus was not with them in the boat. What should have been smooth sailing became a nightlong battle. Certain storms in life can be very unexpected. Sometimes, we expect smooth sailing through life only to find out there is a storm brewing in the horizon – a storm that we are ill-equipped or ill-prepared to deal with (an illness, a financial struggle, a pink slip, a divorce, the death of a loved one).

The disciples have experienced storms in their lives before, and back in Matthew 8: 23 – 27 they went through a storm with Jesus on their boat. During that storm, they thought they were going to die only for Jesus to get up from his sleep to rebuke both the disciples and the storm. During the storm in Matthew 14, Jesus was not in the boat with them physically, but He was always aware of what was going on – He could see them in the storm (14:24-25). I can only imagine the kind of conversation the disciples were having during that storm. Maybe, they were thinking, “Where is Jesus when you need him. Last time, we made it through the storm because He was in the boat with us. Now, He is not – what are we going to do?” Beloved, no matter how dark it gets in life, no matter the storm we may be going through, rest assured that God knows, and He is able to act on our favor at the right time. Let us not lose faith and let us always hang on to our hope in Christ Jesus.

 When Jesus saw them in the middle of the storm, He did not guide them out of it just yet. Jesus started walking on the water and met them where they were. Jesus may not always bring us out of difficult moments and the challenges we face in life right away, but He can certainly meet us in the middle of them all. Jesus said, “I am here, do not be afraid.” I know it looks bad, and it does not seem like you are going to get through it, but “I am here, do not be afraid.” I know the odds are stocked against you and this storm been raging on for a while, but “I am here, do not be afraid.” Beloved, we need to constantly remind ourselves of the power and the presence of Christ in our lives to remain strong in the faith during the storms of life. The best ways we can be reminded of his power and presence are through the reading of scripture, prayer, and worship. Jesus is here, do not be afraid.

Grace and Peace,
Donny Pierre

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