Home Bible Study

What are The Benefits of a home Study?

  • Study the Bible in the Security and Comfort of your home – by Mail.
  • Learn more about God’s Word.
  • Understand His will for you.
  • You will have the Opportunity to ask Questions at any time during your study. Simply e-mail us or write questions on your answer sheet. Also, you can always call if you would like to talk to someone about your study or have someone pray with you.
  • We pay postage and deliver your lessons with a self addressed return envelope.

Ultimately, we are people who genuinely care for your soul and desire to help you develop a personal relationship with God.

Where Do I Begin?

We offer an eight lesson study for beginner Bible Student and additional studies for those who have completed that. If you live outside of our area, your request may be delivered to the church of Christ nearest you. We feel as though it would be of the greatest benefit to you. You are encouraged to ask any questions that arise from your study or other Bible question. Why not e-mail us today so that we can begin to help you in your search for the truth. God Bless you as you study His Word!

How Do I Sign Up?

Send your requests by using our contact page.Currently, we do not offer Bible Study by e-mail, so be sure to include your mailing address or write to:
Waterbury Church of Christ
3211 North Main Street
Waterbury, CT 06704-0327

Please note that your privacy is very important to us at the Waterbury church of Christ. Your name and any info you supply will not be sold or given to anyone.