As disciples of Christ, we have certain “Christian Clichés” that are part of our daily vocabulary: God bless you – God is good – thank you Jesus – Praise God – Amen, Hallelujah – Won’t He do it – I am praying for you – The list goes on. Now, allow me to remind you that the word “cliché” is defined as: “A phrase that is overused and betrays a lack of original thought.” There is nothing inherently wrong with these clichés, but I cannot help but wonder how genuine the intent behind these statements is. Are these clichés phrases that we simply say as part of our Christian culture, or do we really appreciate and grasp the spiritual power these statements.
          “I am praying for you” or “You are in my prayers” are phrases that we use all the time to express sympathy and a sense of Christ-like community, and it is spiritually uplifting to know other God-fearing Disciples are in fact praying on your behalf. However, how many times have some of us been guilty of telling people that we are praying for them and fail to follow through. We are busy people, and we tend to forget certain conversations at times. I genuinely believe that we do not mean to, but it happens to the best of us. I know I have been guilty of that. Therefore, I have been intentionally taking notes in my prayer journal or setting up reminders on my phone calendar, because I do not want this powerful and uplifting statement, “I am praying for you,” to be nothing but a cliché for me.
          Brothers and sisters let us continue to genuinely pray for each other and with each other whenever we have the opportunity. Prayer can help us connect on a deeper level with our Heavenly Father and strengthen our fellowship as a community of faithful believers. May we never take this statement lightly because there is power in prayer.

I am praying for you all, always
          Donny Pierre

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