Important Worship Service Update: Dec 15 2020

We, at the Waterbury Church, have been abiding by all the safety guidelines from CDC (social distancing, wearing masks inside the building, no physical contact, avoiding sharing or passing of materials and so on) in order to conduct our limited worship service at the building. 

So far, we’ve been blessed with the opportunity to provide services both in-person and online. However, one of the members of our church family who was in the building on Sunday, December 13, tested positive for the Covid virus today, Tuesday, December 15. This person’s test was part of normal testing associated with their work.

We have conducted some “contact tracing,” and the members who were in close proximity have been contacted immediately and advised to proceed accordingly. In an effort to be sensitive to this information, we aren’t broadcasting the name of the individual. That person was very forthcoming and did alert the leadership of the congregation as soon as possible. Should you have any concern and need more information, please reach out to one of the elders (Ralph Mastrianna, Stan Gowing, or Jim Sanzone) or to Donny Pierre.

Although we have been taking all the necessary precautions and following all the CDC guidelines, this incident reminds us of how real this virus is, and how close we can be to it and not even know.

In an abundance of caution, we are going to suspend in person classes and worship for the next week, see the dates below:

  • Wednesday, December 16
  • Sunday, December 20

Our worship will continue online at the church website and our YouTube channel at the normal time of 10:30am.

The leadership will evaluate our in-person worship schedule for the following weeks and will post updates on our website,, flocknote emails, twitter, and facebook pages.

Please continue to pray for those affected by the covid virus, and for our community to remain safe, and for God to continue to bless our work and service in Waterbury.

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