Lord, Save Me – I am Drowning

JESUS walking on water is one of the most popular stories in the Bible. Jesus defied the laws of gravity and not even Sir Isaac Newton could explain this awe-inspiring phenomenon. When Jesus saw His disciples’ boat taking water and being tossed around in the middle of a storm (Matt 14: 22 – 33), He decided to walk on water and meet them where they were. Jesus broke the laws of gravity to deliver His disciples from a horrible storm. As He got close to the boat, Jesus said “Don’t be afraid, I am Here.”

Although, we all know this story as “Jesus walking on water,” it’s important to remember that Peter also walked on water that day. Thinking it was a ghost, Peter said “Lord, if it is really you, tell me to come to you on the water.” Without hesitation, Jesus commanded Peter to come on the water, and he did – Peter walked on water just like Jesus. Can you imagine the look on the other disciples’ faces watching Peter taking one step after another going towards Jesus on the water? Yes, eventually Peter started to sink when he shifted his attention away from Jesus to focus on the storm around him (v 30). Peter, as he was drowning, cried to the Lord for help: “Lord, save me.” Lord, I am drowning out here and I am not going to make it.

Maybe, some of us feel like we’ve been drowning lately, drowning in debts, emotional pain, physical pain, marital problems, parental challenges, etc. Some of us might even be struggling with our own faith or the lack thereof. No matter the storm, we must remember Jesus is always right there with us; however, we must not shift our focus away from Him and magnify our problems. Jesus knew Peter had enough faith to walk on water and not drown in the middle of the storm. Jesus did not calm the sea, nor did he rebuke the wind to make things easier for Peter, but He commanded him to walk on water with the wind and the waves raging around. That’s when our faith can shine the brightest, in the middle of the storm. As long as Peter had faith and kept his focus on Jesus instead of the storm, he would’ve made it without drowning. Beloved, let us hang on to our faith and continue to keep our focus on Jesus. However, when we feel like we are drowning, we do not be afraid to cry out to the Jesus: “Lord, save me – I am drowning.” Jesus will stretch out His hand and catch us.

Love you all,
Donny Pierre

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