Meeting Update

UPDATE:  March 20, 2020

Church Family, here’s an update for our weekend services.  There’s a lot of information in this email, and here are the highlights…
  • Services will be held online ONLY this Sunday at 10:30am.
  • Connect to the Church website to see the service
  • A phone-based audio-only option will be available
  • A new online giving page has been setup on the church website
  • Adult Classes will be held on Wednesday (Men) and Thursday (Ladies)
  • Get connected to RightNow Media for great in-home christian content
  • Stay connected with each other…let’s get on the phones, text, and video
  • It’ll be different, but we’ll do our best to honor God on the first day of the week

Online Services
We’ll be using the regular Sunday morning stream from the Church’s website streamed from the church building.  We will have prayers, songs, and preaching. Each of you should gather your families and worship with us.  Even though we may not be in the same place, we can all be together in our worship and praise.
From your computer or smartphone, go to on Sunday morning and you’ll be able to access the stream.

Phone-Only Option
If you know someone who doesn’t have a smart-phone, tablet, or computer to connect with, we’re going to do our best to provide a phone-only option for them to at least listen in to the service.  To get connected, follow the instructions below:
  1. Dial  +1 929 205 6099 US (New York)
  2. Enter the Meeting ID: 974 789 9358
  3. Don’t worry if it asks you for a Participant ID…you can skip that.
When you join, you’ll be muted so we won’t be able to hear you.

Communion Service
As we announced in previous emails, the church purchased a box of pre-filled communion kits for our members.  Some came by to get them from the Church building.  You can also get unleavened bread and grape juice from the local grocery stores.  If you didn’t get them and still need it, contact Jim Sanzone at 203.910.5675 and we’ll work something out.

Online Giving
While we can’t get together in the same place and the church building is closed, we still have bills to pay.  The church has commitments to honor and as members of his church, we have a commandment to give to support the Lord’s church.  To get with the times, we’ve created a way for members to contribute online.  Go to the church website and click on the “Giving” link on the top menu, or go to

Prayer Requests
Taking prayer requests is a big part of our Sunday services.  If you have a prayer request, email it to and it will get to the Elders. Your requests will be taken up and prayed on and also added to our electronic bulletin for the rest of the church to consider.

Adult Classes Online
We had a good turnout for our Wednesday evening bible class online.  Even Ruth Plumb was able to join and be a part of the class!  It worked out well and even though we weren’t in the same place, the technology allowed us to interact in real time.  We’ll resume our Men’s class online on Wednesday at 7pm and the Ladies will meet online at 7pm on Thursday.  Watch for an email with all the info for the classes in the next few days.

Keeping the kids engaged
While the kids are all stuck and home and parents are looking for engaging things for them to do, why not check out the great content available on our RightNow Media.  if you aren’t already using it, this is like “Netflix for Church”.  There’s a dedicated Kids section with content for all ages.  If you don’t have a login for the site, or need something reset, email to get setup.

Staying Connected to the family
This is a extraordinary time in our history.  Being shut-in like this and “distanced” from each other isn’t good for us, and we need to do what we can to adapt.  Let’s stay connected.  Pick up the phone and call each other.  If you know how, jump on a video call so you can see each other.  Send Texts.  Emails.  Remember that others need contact, don’t always wait for YOUR phone to ring…it works both ways.

Keep Praying
Don’t stop praying.  Pray for the health and safety of our families, church families, and our communities.  Pray for our Leaders to make wise decisions.  Pray for God’s plan to be revealed in the middle of all this chaos.