Below is a small list of the ministries that are on-going at the Waterbury church of Christ. If you see an opening and would like to head-it-up please contact one of our elders.

Education & Administration

  • Adult Education: Renair Thorington
  • Teen Education: Rob & Sam Stewart
  • Children’s Education: Rob & Sam Stewart
  • Children’s Church: Rob & Sam Stewart
  • Church Bulletin: Christine Hazzard
  • Finance & Administration: Stan Gowing / Christy Sanzone   

Group Ministries

  • Women: Kathleen Sanzone
  • Youth/Teen: Rob & Sam Stewart
  • Family / Church Body: Elders

Outreach & Evangelism

  • Church Website: Jeremy Sanzone
  • Greeters Ministry: Karen Hustek

Serving & Needs

  • Soup Kitchen: Dale Waterbury
  • Shut-ins: Vern Bradshaw


  • Assembly: Rob Stewart
  • Audio / Visual: Jeremy Sanzone
  • House Church: Joe Giattino
  • Prayer Night: Todd Sanzone