Haitian Relief Fund

As many of you know, the situation in Haiti is heartbreaking and the needs are great. Many have lost their friends, family, homes, and jobs. The Waterbury Church of Christ is putting together a relief fund for the Christian families in Haiti. Please assist in this situation by donating to this worthy cause. To quote Edmund Burke, “All it takes for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” Please do not let this be said of you…donate today! Make your checks payable to the Waterbury Church of Christ with the memo stating “Haitian Relief Fund.”

Update – December 21, 2010

Although it has been almost a year since the devastating earthquake took place in Haiti , the situation doesn’t seem to have improved much. The country was also hit by hurricane Thomas, and is now dealing with a cholera outbreak that has killed dozens of people. The urgency of the situation seems to be fading away in the media, but Haiti is still crying out for help.

Thanks to our “Haitian Relief Effort” here at the Waterbury Church of Christ, we have been able to provide some help to the church out there and many others in the community. We started by renting a small building, which we also had to repair, for the Church in Quoix-Des-Bouquets to worship. Back in March, 100 people worshiped in that building for the first time, and now they are well over 140 people. Many have been baptized as a result of our outreach and several programs that were established – Food Distribution Program, Feed the Children Program and much more. These different programs have been designed to help the church members and people in the surrounding area of the Church, like those living in the tent cities. Several of our church members who lost their homes have been living under tents since the earthquake, but we were able to house at least 18 of them in a rental home. Their gratitude goes beyond explanation. All the barrels (toiletries, food, clothing, school supplies, and more) that we shipped were greatly appreciated as well, and helped them tremendously in their recovery process. 

I was blessed to have had the opportunity to travel to Haiti several times this past year, and for that I am forever grateful. We’ve done a lot of work out there, helped a lot of people, but there’s still much work to be done. It is our hope that we can make good use of the rest of the fund to help build two other Church buildings in the southern and northern parts of Haiti where brethren are having a very hard time worshiping. There are also some other plans at work that we will be sharing with you soon. On behalf of my family and everybody else out there, I want to thank you for the generous help that has been making a difference in the lives of many people. Our work in Haiti will continue for as long as God will allow us to, and we still need your help to do so. Thank you so much for all your support, encouragement, and prayers. God bless you all!!!

Please Mail Donations to:
Waterbury Church of Christ
3211 North Main St.
Waterbury, CT  06704

Update – April 9, 2010

The following link is an article published in the Waterbury Repulican regarding our support efforts.