My 4-year-old son, Andre, and my 13-year-old, Jamal, love to play video games together. I am so grateful to see them enjoy each other’s presence and have fun together as brothers. However, sometimes they can be so focused on their game that they fail to pay attention to anything else. My wife and I would try to call them and get their attention, but they would not respond. Sometimes, they’d even say “Yes dad, we’re coming,” but half hour later they are yet to step away from their games. They are so busy and passionate about what they are doing that they fail to pay attention to their parents. When we must wait on them to pay attention to us, we get impatient sometimes. Frankly, the more we must wait for them to leave what they are doing and come to us, the more frustrated we get.
            Beloved, sometimes I think our relationship with God is just like that. God has been trying to get our attention lately, and many of us have not been listening. First, God should not have to get our attention, we should willingly “SEEK GOD” every day of our lives (Ps 105: 3-4). However, many of us have been so preoccupied with the things of life, the worries of life, and enjoying the pleasures of life that we have not been “SEEKING GOD” as we should. We must be more intentional about SEEKING GOD every day of our lives, because when we fail to do so we become more vulnerable to the weapons of the enemy. The longer we fail to diligently seek God, the longer we fail to listen to God, the more exposed we are to the schemes of the devil.
            In the Bible, God intentionally withheld the rain or His blessings from His people because their failure to diligently SEEK HIM and pay attention to His Word (1 Kings 16 – 18). God also withheld His favor and protection over His people allowing their enemies to defeat them, because they did not SEEK HIM nor heed His warnings (Read the book of Judges). Beloved, God is trying to get our attention. He is calling for us. Are we listening? Let’s not be so preoccupied with the things of life that we fail to listen to God and heed His warnings. “God rewards those who diligently seek Him” (Hebrews 11: 6).

After much prayer and meditation, I feel both compelled and convicted to share with you what I believe our spiritual goal should be this year: “SEEKING GOD 2022.” The elders and I want to both encourage and invite the Waterbury Church of Christ on a spiritual revival this year to grow closer to God as we grow closer to each other. Many things happened these past few years that could have alienated us from the presence of God or keep us away from our fellowship as a Church. “SEEKING GOD 2022” is about strengthening our fellowship and growing deeper in our relationship with God.

I Love You All
Donny Pierre

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