Spiritual Gift Survey



4–Describes me consistently, definitely true
3–Describes me most of the time, usually true
2–Describes me half of the time
1–Describes me some of the time, once in a while
0–Describes me not at all, never


I am able to organize ideas, things, time, and people for more effective results.
I receive much joy from working with my hands at various arts and crafts.
I find that my skills in building or repairing objects benefits others.
I like sharing with other people how God has changed my life.
I am able to share words of encouragement with those who are struggling in life.
There have been times when I have felt sure I knew God’s specific will for the future, even when others have not been sure.
I am so confident that God will meet my needs that I give to God sacrificially and consistently.
I find joy in being a help to someone who can utilize my help and concern.
My home is always open to people passing through who need a place to stay.
When I am asked to pray for others, I feel that my prayers will have tangible results.
Oftentimes, I am able to perceive what is the heart or mind of another person without them telling me.
I am able to motivate people into getting things done.
I enjoy doing things to comfort people during sickness or times of problems or anxiety.
When I am singing, I feel a great sense of joy.
I have enjoyed relating to a certain group of people over a long period of time, sharing personally in their successes and failures.
I feel that I can communicate Biblical truths to others so they are helped.
When important decisions need to be made, I sense a confidence in God’s guidance.
When I use my ability to write, I know that others will learn and grow from it.
I am able to plan and administer programs which will be of benefit to others.
I enjoy the times that I am able to create beautiful items with my hands.
I enjoy the work necessary for gardening, landscaping, and other projects.
I feel comfortable telling others how God has changed my life.
I am able to talk with and build up those who are having difficulties in life, whether they are in despair, sorrow, or not sure of themselves.
When I am in a group, I am the one others look to for vision and direction.
I am ready to forego certain privileges in order to give the money to God’s work.
When I serve the Lord, I really don’t care who gets the credit.
I enjoy inviting visitors and guests home to dinner after Sunday morning worship.
I take prayer requests very seriously and pray until the answer comes.
I have the ability to discover new truths for myself through reading and observing a situation first hand.
I am able to lead small and/or large groups of people into making decisions.
I enjoy helping and working with those people who are ignored by others.
In the area of vocal music, I enjoy performing alone and/or in a group of singers.
I enjoy other people asking me to lend a helping hand.
I find it rewarding to teach people more about the Lord.
When a person has a problem, as a Christian I can frequently see what is best to do.
I find pleasure in composing and writing paragraphs and stories for the growth of others.
I can easily delegate important responsibilities to other people.
I find joy in having a beautiful lawn, flowers, and shrubs which are properly placed and cared for.
The repair and maintenance of things comes easily to me.
It is easy for me to talk to other people about life and/or spiritual matters.
I am able to speak words of encouragement to those who are troubled, discouraged, or not sure of themselves.
I am able to trust in the reliability of God when all else looks dim.
I am content to maintain a lower standard of living in order to financially benefit God’s work.
It pleases me when I do things behind the scenes and others are helped.
I am able to provide food and/or lodging graciously and willingly to people who are in need.
I find myself praying when I could be doing other things.
Through study or experience, I have been able to discern the wisest course of action to take in a major decision.
When a group I am in is lacking organization, I tend to step in to fill the gap.
Sometimes when I help people out, I know they may not even say “thank you” but I still enjoy helping them.
I enjoy singing familiar Gospel songs with a group of fellow Christians.
I respond cheerfully when asked to do a job, even it is menial.
I enjoy leading small groups of people, especially when I am able to show genuine care and concern for them.
I can intuitively arrive at solutions to fairly complicated problems.
I am able to put my thoughts and ideas into positive, written form.
I am able to set goals and objectives, and then make plans to reach them.
I find joy in painting pictures or in making handcrafted objects.
I find joy in lawn care and other outside maintenance.
When I share my faith with others, I see positive results in their lives.
I often share words of comfort, cheer, or encouragement with others.
I really believe that God will not le me down, even though everything around me seems to be falling apart.
I really enjoy giving my time and treasures to God’s work.
I am able to assist key leaders to relieve them of detail work, so they can get back to their main job.
When people visit me at home, I am confident they feel good about being there.
I regard prayer as one of my favorite spiritual exercises.
I am able to pick up on important Biblical truths that benefit myself and others.
People look at me as a leader when things need to be done.
I enjoy working with those less fortunate than me.
I am able to lead others in singing.
I enjoy being a follower more than a leader.
I have brought friends or relatives back to faith who have strayed away.
I enjoy teaching children or adults about God’s love.
I enjoy writing words that will be of benefit to those who read them.