Worship Service Update – May 16, 2021

From the Elders at the Waterbury church of Christ…

First, let me say that the COVID virus is real.  We all have or know those who have been impacted or lost loved ones due to this pandemic.  Whether you agree or not with the masks and social distancing that’s gone on, let’s all understand that…

  •  These are unprecedented times, and we are ALL trying to figure out how to work through this.
  •  There are people on both sides of the conversation…some that don’t think the precautions work, some that do, and others that just don’t care
  • Also, we are NOT going to make this a political thing.

The CDC has said that if you want to take off your mask and you are fully vaccinated you can do that.  We are expecting updated CT state guidance that confirms this.

However, there are still some people who aren’t vaccinated yet because they haven’t been able to or they choose not to.  There are also those who have been vaccinated and still feel comfortable wearing a mask and maintaining a level of social distancing..

Look around you here in the building today…there are brothers and sisters who all have their own opinion on what we should do.

We’re not going to shame people one way or the other, however we need to make sure that we’re still protecting and respecting everyone who’s in the building attending worship.

 So…to try and accommodate and protect our church family at the same time…

If you’re fully vaccinated and you want to take off your mask in your seat,  go for it and please sit on the right-hand side of the auditorium; the same side as the baptistry.

If you haven’t been vaccinated or you are but you still want to maintain some distancing precautions, sit on the left side of the auditorium, on the parking lot side, with your mask and more distancing precautions in place. 

For now, as we compromise, we’d like to ask those in the worship to put on masks for during our singing worship. 

If you see someone with a mask on you should take that to understand that they would like to maintain some distance and precautions.  We need to respect that decision.

To those who have not been vaccinated…

If you need help finding a way to get a vaccine, see one of the elders and we will try to help you find the resources to get vaccinated.  There are resources out there and by now, just about any adult, or now, even kids down to even 12 years old who wants the vaccine should have access to it.

If you chose not to be vaccinated, that is your choice.  However, that is a choice that has the possibility to impact others.  If you choose to take off your mask, you increase the risk for others in the room.  You should think about the other members in the room who have not been vaccinated, or who are still at risk and still want to come to worship.

This church’s policy during the pandemic has been to align to the CDC and State guidance; we’re not doctors, we look to them for guidance.  The latest guidance is that those who are vaccinated, it can be ok to remove their masks.  If you are not vaccinated, and you chose to remove your mask, think about the impact that may have on others.

It’s like the ban on using cell phones while driving.  It’s not like wearing a seatbelt that just impacts you, but something that has a great potential to injure others. 

Let’s think about others, first.

We’re not going to be checking vaccine cards, but as Christians, we need to respect those around us, whether you chose to get the vaccine, to not get it, or still want to wear a mask after you’ve been vaccinated.

We all want to get back to “normal”. 

The last year and half has been a mess.  Let’s not lose focus on Christ, and why we are HERE today worshipping him, the creator. Let’s look to the not-so-distant future to see how we can get back together, get our bible classes, fellowship dinners, family parties, and worship times back to, and even BETTER than before the pandemic.

Stay tuned for further updates and changes to this policy as we learn more and guidance is adjusted.

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